M1’s Manifesto


M1 aka Mutulu Olugbala is a global force connector using the mic, music production, film, TV, and lectures to reshape the reality of the masses and redefine revolutionary culture. Here he shares his Manifesto: who he BE and what he is committed to in this world.

Made with positive intention and LOVE! JLove and M1 want to acknowledge to the whole team who came together on this transformational experience, including: Frank Antonio López, SEN 1, Joey Bada$$, Andy Averbuch, Bonnot, Jester, RahStarr, Audio Dope, Annetta Marion, Nenman Walbe, Brett Ainslie, MED and the Tuff City Fam, Vicki Alvarez, BIDS, SEIZE, 0-283.


Produced By: JLove & M1 Productions LLC. Directed by JLove Calderón

Tags: Creativity, Culture, Hip-Hop, The Message

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