JLove & M1 Productions has launched a new video series designed to continue that tradition by talking with athletes, actors, activists, and musicians about why they’ve chosen to follow in this tradition. Our second video features actor Michael K. Williams, activist Mab Segrest, activist Melina Abdullah, artists Beat Box House, and bboy WaAaK Uno.

Police brutality, the criminalization of people’s existence, and illegal disregard for native sovereignty have been and continue to be the norm in the United States.

Ramarley Graham. Eric Garner. Rekia Boyd. Mya Hall. The lives of Black people are under attack, and violent police officers continue to receive paid leave and to keep their jobs rather than being held accountable for murder.

Jeanette Vizguerra. Daniel Ramirez Medina. Trump’s executive orders on immigration have made every single immigrant in this country — undocumented or not — a target of a tyrannical regime. It is a lie that ICE is prioritizing people who are “a danger” — Trump and fellow Republicans are the ones who are endangering our communities.

Courts have struck down Trump’s initial ban on many refugees and Muslims entering the country, but he will undoubtedly try it again. The president is hell-bent on running white supremacist campaigns from inside the White House — and it’s up to us to push back, to show up, and to resist him at every turn.

On February 22, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to arrest everyone camped at Standing Rock in an attempt to strip indigenous people of their land and to complete the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Indigenous organizers have resisted that illegal construction for months, and the water protectors on the ground there have persevered through sub-zero temperatures in order to send a message to the world that native people will resist colonization over and over and over again.

No one is free until we’re all free. What’s your role? Below are some ways that you can plug in, rise up, and show up in support:

Donate to the Movement for Black Lives resource table, which distributes resources to Black-led organizing to ensure that every community has the resources it needs to combat violence and oppression.



Read the Vision for Black Lives policy platform and explore ways to make it a reality in your community.




Join Mijente’s call for communities across the country to become “sanctuary cities” — places of welcome for not just undocumented people, but Black folks, queer and trans folks, Muslim folks, and everyone else.



Join United We Dream’s #HereToStay list of folks who are willing to defend their neighbors against ICE raids.




Donate to DRUM or NQAPIA to continue fighting for all the people still being impacted by Trump’s illegal Muslim ban, and to prevent another version being put forward.




Support Standing Rock #NoDAPL actions happening across the country by attending one near you and/or amplifying actions in other communities — see or click below for a full list.



Donate to ensure that folks on the ground have the resources they need to fight against government intrusion at Standing Rock as we near the February 22 deadline — here are a few options:

Voices of the Sacred (designate “for Voices of the Sacred” in the notes)
Last Real Indians
Lakota People’s Law Project


If you’re interested in organizing white folks around racial justice work, join a SURJ chapter near you!




Below is the first video we released in our “We the People” series, featuring Megan Rapinoe — the U.S. soccer standout who followed the lead of Colin Kaepernick by choosing to take a knee during pre-game performances of the National Anthem in 2016.

Below is the second video in the “We the People” series, featuring actor Michael K. Williams, activist Mab Segrest, activist Melina Abdullah, artists Beat Box House, and bboy WaAaK Uno.

WeThePeople.SecondEdition from JLove Calderon on Vimeo.



Special Thanks to Megan Rapinoe, Michael K Williams, Mab Segrest, Melina Abdullah, Beat Box House, WaAaK Uno, SURJ & Craig D Bundy of Guilty Party
Executive Produced by: Phakiso Collins
Directed by: JLove Calderon & Mutulu Olugbala
Produced by: JLove & M1 Productions, LLC
Coordinating Producer: William Oaks
DP: Nenman Walbe
Camera: Frank Antonio López
Camera: Kamau Martin
Sound Engineer: Brett Ainslie
Music: RahStarr / THC Beats
Editor: Nenman Walbe
PA: Heather Cronk, WaAak Uno
Filmed at: Blue Parallax

Title Card hand style by WaAaK Uno
Los Angeles Film Unit
Associate Producers & Directors of Photography Aaron Ellis and David Jensen


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